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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our first emergency room visit

We have been very fortunate and have been blessed (for the most part) with healthy children.  Up until August, 2011, we had NO emergency visits...but that all has changed! 

The kids and I were at Matt's parents house and the kids were playing around, as usual.  Keep in mind, Sutton hadn't been walking but maybe a month at this time.  Poor thing fell off the couch and landed on his leg.  He couldn't put weight on it.  He would try to walk, but then would just fall the ground.  I called the doctor and they thought I should take him on the ER.  Matt was working, but he met me there.  Sutton was a trooper though!  They took x-rays, which showed no break, but the doctor said with babies the x-rays aren't always accurate if the break/fracture in the growth platelet.  She was going to go ahead and treat as a break and put him in a brace up to his hip, but he was crawling around just fine.  She decided to not put the brace one as that would completely immobilize him...which i'm very thankful for. 

We saw the orthopedic doctor that week as well, but said that basically even it was broken, there was nothing he would do for a baby that age.  That just needed to rule out infection, which they did.  He said he should be better in about 2 weeks.  Once he started putting weight on his leg, he walked with a limp for about 2 weeks (which was so pitiful), but after that was fine! 

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