Hyatt Happenings

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


(picture taken Sept. 17)

Sweet Potatoes

Does this picture not say it all?!?!

My "Baby" is Growing Up

I am SO proud to say that my precious, adorable, most stubborn child is officially potty-trained!! Since last Tuesday, he has been pooping on the potty....YAY!!! He even wore underwear to bed Wednesday night (Daddy forgot to put a pull-up on him) and didn't have an accident. Most mornings since then, he has gotten up with a dry pull-up. I'm going to still put him in pull-ups for awhile longer though, just in case. He has been wearing underwear out in public (church, school, etc.) and is doing great. The picture attached is with his prize that his great-grandmother (Mama Bug) sent him for pooping on the potty.

He has grown up so much in the past few months. He no longer wants to be a "baby". He corrects me if i call him "baby". Of course, I'm using it as a term of endearment, but he doesn't understand that yet. He'll say "no, i not a baby".

He loves to "help" me and he also loves to "cook". I bought him a cookbook for kids the other day, so we tried out some cookies last night. They were TERRIBLE, but he loved them...LOL! He wanted to wear my apron, so I let him. It was too big and looked like he was wearing a dress, but he had fun!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Poo-Poo in the Po-tay!!

Thursday, we had a MONUMENTAL milestone in the Hyatt house! Sawyer FINALLY, after over 2 months of trying to potty train, pooped in the potty!! It came as a HUGE shock to both Matt and myself. He said he needed to poop, and that's just what he did....that simple! We made a trip to Toys-R-Us for him to pick out a prize. He had been saying for the longest he wanted a "big mater truck" from the movie Cars, but Percy from Thomas the Train won out. Unfortunately, he hasn't pooped on the potty since Thursday, but we are still encouraged!

Doughnuts with Dad

Wednesday was Doughnuts with Dad at school. Sawyer was so excited that Daddy was going to go to school with him. He woke up that morning with it on his mind. They had a good time together. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture, but they did get one at school. I'm hoping it will be in his scrapbook at the end of the year.

Our Labor Day Weekend

Our Labor Day weekend was a lot of fun!! Saturday night, we went to Sara and Ryan's and watched the game (btw, RTR!!). Sunday morning we went to church. Sunday night, Matt went fishing, so me and the boys went to church and then spent the night at Mom and Dad's. Monday morning the boys and I came back home. We decided to just hang out at the house and cook a big dinner. We fried crappie and hush puppies, and I made a coca-cola cake. Matt's parent's came over and brought potatoes and green beans. Everything was DELICIOUS!! After that wonderful meal, we got to settle in and watch some college football.....don't get much better than that. :)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Days I want to Remember

Days like yesterday are the days I want to remember!! Did we do anything special? No. But it was the kind of day where I said, Lord, thank you for my children....thank you for my life! One of those days I just tried to soak it all in. The boys and I sat in the recliner while Sawyer watched TV, Sutton watched Sawyer and I watched them in pure amazement of the LOVE I have for them and the love they already have for each other....i just kissed on them and told them how much I LOVE my boys!! I told Sawyer he was my FAVORITE Sawyer and Sutton was my FAVORITE Sutton!! Top it off with a milkshake run and beautiful weather to play outside afterwards.....pretty much a perfect day in my book!

Where Jesus lives, according to Sawyer.....

So, the other night Sawyer asked me to sing a song and of course he picked "Jesus Loves Me"...usually his first choice ("Elmo's World" follows as a close second)! I sang to him and then I asked him "Sawyer, where does Jesus live?" and he said "At church." Well, he was sort of right....but then I went on to tell him Jesus lives in Heaven, up in the sky and when we are sick or hurt we can pray to him and he will help us. I believe it was the next day or two, Matt's back was hurting and he made mention of Sawyer says in his sweet, innocent voice...."Daddy, you want me pray?"

He does listen!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Not a whole lot to document this week, except for it's been CRAZY, as in busy!! Even Sawyer's been busy...ha,ha! Today, on the way home from school, he told me "Mom, I had a busy day." Tuesday Sawyer got to go home with his buddy, Cayden, after school so I could get the house cleaned before the coupon class I had at my house that night. Yes, I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Today I spent $40.00 at Publix and saved $29 and some change. Tomorrow, I plan on going to Rite Aid and getting a Nivea body wash, 3 boxes of Kellogg's cereal and Gillette disposable razors for approx. $5.50, if I figured it right.

This morning was crazy that I didn't realize until late this evening that Sawyer didn't eat breakfast this morning before school. I had fixed him some oatmeal and put it in the freezer to cool off a few minutes and when I went to open the freezer I found frozen oatmeal, spoon and all! Needless-to-say, I fell horrible about that :( Maybe one day i can "get it together"!

I'm Outnumbered....

but i wouldn't have it any other way!

Happy (early) 5th Birthday Kailey Bug



Jacey Claire


This past Saturday we celebrated Kailey's 5th birthday! Actually her birthday isn't until October 22 (i think), but they decided to do it early this year so she could do something outside. As you'll see, they rented a water slide, which was a HUGE hit!! Sawyer was hesitant at first, but he eventually warmed up to it and LOVED it!