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Monday, November 1, 2010

Cedar Point

The end of fall break, we (Sawyer and me) took a trip with some family and friends to Cedar Point (amusement park in Ohio). We left out EARLY Friday morning to make the long trip. I was a little concerned how Sawyer would travel, but he did great!! He was as close to perfect as a 3 year old could be travelling.....really!! I might also add that he had NO potty accidents the whole time, including on the way there, bedtime and on the way back home.
He and I had a great time together! I was hesitant to leave Sutton home because we have been attached at the hip since he has been born, but he did great, and it was nice for Sawyer and me to have that time alone. I was able to focus 100% on him, which has not been possible since the Sutton came along. Don't get me wrong though, the boy isn't hurting for attention ;)
Cayden, Sawyer's buddy, also came along, which made the trip the more fun for Sawyer. His cousins, Maycee and Sage also came! Sawyer loves his "tousins".

Sawyer loved ALL the rides and ALL the characters. The kiddie parks were all based on "The Peanuts" which Sawyer loved. He has loved Charlie Brown and all The Peanuts since he was a baby, literally! We went to a few character shows where Sawyer got to hug on all the characters! He thought that was so cool. He thought he was meeting the one and only Charlie Brown, Snoopy, etc. The Peanuts were dressed in costume, which he thought was really cool as well. Sidenote: Sawyer was convinced Peppermint Patty was a boy! I tried to convince him otherwise, but he wouldn't have! Sawyer had told Maycee that he saw Peppermint Patty, but she didn't know who Peppermint Patty was. She told her mom "Sawyer said he saw Peppermint Patty, but I think he just ate one." Kids are so cute :)

Another funny thing: Sawyer was getting tired and we were about to go back to the room to get a nap. He was holding Maycee's hand and somehow he got tripped up and fell down. He got very upset and started crying. He and I had separated from the group and were going back to the room and he says "Mom, my boo-boo hurts so bad. My tousin pushed me." I explained to him that it was an accident, but he wouldn't have it.
All-in-all, we had a wonderful time and can't wait 'till next year!!

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