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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daddy's Boy

Matt took off work yesterday, and since he was off, decided that he would get Sawyer out of the house so I could actually get something accomplished around here. He decided that he would take Sawyer out on the "fishing boat" as Sawyer calls it. On the way there, they made a stop at "McDonald's House" (a/k/a McDonald's)....i don't know why Sawyer calls it that. Matt successfully got him out of there without a HUGE meltdown (see, i told you he was a good dad). Sawyer had a great time on the water and a good nap as well. He did a little fishing but didn't catch anything. Matt said that the water was really rough but Sawyer wasn't scared at all. As a matter-of-fact, Sawyer said "that be fun" when they were hitting the waves!! Needless-to-say, Sawyer is becoming a daddy's boy. The other day I ask him if he was momma's baby and he said "no, I daddy's boy".....uh, sorry son.....but you will ALWAYS be MY baby!!

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