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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Congratulations Courtney and Jared!!

Saturday, May 29, my baby sister got married. let me back up first. thursday, mama bug and larry came in from south carolina. this was also their first time seeing sutton, so thursday night we just hung out at the house. Friday night was rehearsal and Saturday was the wedding! It was beautiful. I wish i had pics, but i was kind of busy!! Once the photographer puts them on his website, i'll try and put the link on here so you can go view if you would like. We took pics before the wedding at Rocky Childers' home, which is beautiful! Sunday we went back over to mom and dad's to visit w/ all of our family that came in for the wedding (Taylor and Angie & family, BJ and Tommy, Mark and Katherine, Mama Bug and Larry)!! We don't get to see this side of the family much, sadly, but when we do, it is great! That night we went out to eat at Logans and Mark told his crazy stories!! Monday we cooked out at the house and let sawyer and graysen play in the rain.....they had so much fun!!

Anyways, back to Courtney getting married.....i'm kind of sad in a way, but happy for her! I know this will be an adjustment for her, as it was for me and everyone else who gets married, but i'm sure she'll do great! i've only been married 7 years myself, but if i have any advice to give, it would be to be patient, cherish the great times and learn from the bad times!! Congratulations Courtney and Jared....wishing you a wonderful, happy life together!

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