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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!!

Well, we started out the morning by giving Matt his father's day gift, which he loved. That's a picture of it above (hankerchief w/ Sawyer's handprint on it). Then, we headed over to Sara and Ryan's for breakfast w/ Rick (we did father's day with my dad the night before).
Boys, you are so blessed to have a father like your dad! He loves you boys more than life itself! Your dad is one of those men that was truely born to be a dad. He gives you hugs and kisses and tells you he loves you everyday. He is so patient with you Sawyer, especially. He takes you outside almost everyday, and even though he doesn't get anything accomplished, he just has a good time with you "knocking his tracks out". He is so excited to have two boys to raise and looks forward to all the fun, exciting times ahead!!
On this day, i'm also proud of the dad that i have. He always worked hard to give us a good life. We always had ALL of our needs and MOST of our wants. I had a wonderful childhood full of great memories!!
Happy Father's Day!!

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