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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas at Mom and Dad's

After we left Aunt Jane and Uncle Steve's, we headed to Mom and Dad's for our Christmas with them. The kids had a BLAST....Sawyer opened presents for what seemed like 30 minutes! He got soooo many toys, which he was thrilled about. Graysen got his tractor and Sutton, well, he got presents but he would have rather gotten formula and bottle...ha!

The boys with their matching pajamas. I think we might make this a tradition and get their picture in front of the tree every year or until the refuse! Next year we'll have another little boy in the picture :) Not me, Sara and Ryan ;)

Sutton with his cute monogrammed lunch box that I KNOW he just!

Sawyer "helping" Brother open his gifts

Mom with her gift we got's a plate w/ Sawyer's hand prints and Sutton's footprints and around the plate it says "what happens at Granna's......stays at Granna's."

He loved this gift soooo much.....we wouldn't let him open the box at first because we were afraid he would loose them so he just sat in front of the box and stared at the toys.....we eventually let him open the box :)

a BIG Lightning McQueen

Mr. Potato Head

Graysen and his tractor

Mom's tree and all our presents

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