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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Morning

So, Christmas morning I was awoken VERY early by one sweet baby :) After I fed him and put him back down, I got on facebook (morning ritual) and read a status about snow....I had completely forgotten about snow being forecasted. I immediately went to the window to find the ground COVERED in snow! Snow!! The last time we had snow on Christmas day in north Alabama was in 1989 and it was just a dusting, if that. I was beyond excited. I had to go wake Matt up! After we were up for a while, we decided we needed to go ahead and wake Sawyer up, because we had somewhere to go for breakfast. We had a wonderful morning at home. I don't have any pictures of Sutton, because we decided to let him sleep and by the time he got up, Matt apparently forgot the camera :( (he's the photographer and I'm the videographer...ha!) I did my job least I have him on video.

After we had Christmas at home, we left to go have Christmas and breakfast with my Ninny. We didn't get pictures there, but we had a good time and had a delicious breakfast :)

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