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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cereal and a Cowboy

Last night, I decided to give Sutton some cereal for the first time. As you will see from the pictures, he didn't really enjoy it as much as I had hoped. I think he wanted to like it, but it was just so foreign to him. We will keep trying it here and there and see if he acquires a taste for it. We still haven't started baby food (other than the cereal) and probably won't until he is 6 months. Our pediatrician is very strict about starting solid foods before they are 6 months, and I try to follow his advice, most of the time. I was so worried about starting solid foods with Sawyer that I made a chart and made sure we gave him veggies first and that he only had ONE food at a time to make sure he didn't have any allergies. Thankfully, so far, Sawyer hasn't shown any signs of food allergies, but because he did have skin allergies and asthma when he was a baby, the doctor said that he was more at risk for food allergies (another reason why I tried to be careful). Anyways, I don't think I'll be as paranoid with Sutton and will probably let him try more things at once (from the table) which is something I never let Sawyer do. I was terrified to let him eat from the table....i know, crazy. First time mom, what can I say?!?!
Oh, and I had to throw in a picture of our lil' the words of Sawyer "yee-haw towboy"!!


  1. In regards to Wes and potty training - no we haven't done better on pooping :O) And he went "backwards" for a few days also - but seems to be better on that now just not the pooping - but I think it's partly my fault I haven't done with him like I did Alea - I was with her the whole time watching and making sure she went - with Wes I forget

  2. Love your page wish mine could look that good!! lol so cute! this first time mom didn't do anything by the book really! lol I just listened to everyones advice and used what worked for us. some of the family didn't like it but oh well Jasmyn so far hasn't had any allergies either. thank goodness. I had asthma as a kid but grew out of it. Tatum has eczema and sometimes the two can come together so I was worried about jas. so far nothing though. oh i did what a long time before peanut butter and honey though...

  3. thanks tara! i was way too paranoid w/ sawyer, but that's just my personality...worry wart!! i'm getting better though :)