Hyatt Happenings

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a weekend!!

Saturday started out great with a trip to Harmony Park Safari (see previous post); however, not too long after we left, things started going a hurry!! I made 3 trips to the grocery store while in the process of making 3 desserts for church the next morning. It was literally one mishap after the other. Sutton didn't rest good that night because he was getting a cold and was having a hard time breathing out of his nose. Sunday morning was the usual hustle and bustle getting out the door with food, 2 kids, etc. We finally get to church about 15 minutes late and it is BURNING up!! I had to go to the bathroom to cool off because i was miserable. Anyways, we get through church, eat dinner and get home for naps. We attempted to put both boys down for naps, but you will see how that ended. Sutton was actually sleeping, but I could hear Sawyer in his room playing....didn't think much of it though. As long as he's playing quietly, I don't push him to sleep. I'm trying to take a nap myself when I hear Sawyer calling for me. What I saw when I opened the door was one of the most disgusting things I have encountered since becoming a mom.....Sawyer had taken off ALL his clothes, pooped in the floor and literally PLAYED in it!! I was stunned at first and then I called for Matt. I got Sawyer cleaned up while poor Matt cleaned up the room. The smell was soooo offensive that Matt had to wrap a T-shirt around his nose....LOL!! Once we got everything cleaned up, Sutton wakes up sicker than before. Sutton did rest better Sunday night though and was feeling better the next morning.

I was hoping the weekend wouldn't be any indication of how our week would go, but it seems as if our Monday was following our weekend trend. Sawyer is still not pooping in the potty, and my patience is running thin. I'm so tired of it!! I read yesterday that the #1 reason kids don't poop on the potty is because they are afraid. I asked Sawyer if he was afraid, and he said that he was scared of the bugs (when we find a bug in the house, he likes to flush them down the toilet). I told him we would get some special bug spray a/k/a Windex, spray it in the toilet and the bugs would go away. In case you are wondering, it didn't work. Mom bought him a "potty toy" that he can only play with while sitting on the potty. It does help him to stay on the potty longer, but he still hasn't pooped on the potty. We are pulling at straws at this point and if you have any suggestions or advice.....PLEASE let me know!!


  1. It took my daughter 3 days to poop in the toilet when I potty trained her. Mind you - she had one pee accident the morning I started and got it from there - just took her 3 days to poop - once they HAVE to go they'll go :) Now Wes - another story completely - I've been trying to train him for 2 months at least now...he got the peeing fine but kept pooping in his underware (pull-up) and now he has slipped on the peeing some and still poops in his I need advice also!

  2. i've been trying w/ sawyer for about 6 weeks. same here, he got the pee very quickly but the poop is another story. if i figure it out, i'll let you know and you do the same :)

  3. OK- I don't recall pooping being an issue with either of mine... but then again my brain is on memory overload at this point.... but I have heard that you can buy a special treat (fave snacks or candies) and they get 1 for peeing- 2 for pooping... I even had a friend who bought their child a pool for peeing and told her she would put water in it if she would poop in the potty (that was one of the funniest ones yet... and i don't know the outcome lol) I could always tell when mine had to do "#2" and they were kind of embarrassed - so i would sit them on the potty (we had the little seat that sat on the big seat) and leave them alone for a minute and check on them to see if they needed me. For them it was a privacy thing (I still have to turn around and close my eyes if I have to take Kyle in a public place where he can't go alone) Good luck- potty training is one of the hardest parts of a toddler (the tantrums aren't even that bad!)

  4. Drea - consider yourself lucky if you've never had this problem. i'm sure you would remember because it is soooo frustrating and disgusting!! as far as the rewarding goes, we gave him m&ms for pee-pee and that worked; however, the poo-poo has been a whole different story. we have told him he would get different toys that he wants and go places that he likes to go if he would poop. When he goes poo-poo, he'll say "no big mater truck for sawyer". We've taken away some of his most prized possessions thinking that would persuade him....nope!! He would rather poop in his pants....UGH!!!