Hyatt Happenings

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Harmony Park Safari

This morning Matt mentioned taking Sawyer to the Harmony Park Safari ("HPC"), so that's just what we did. HPC is a drive-thru animal park in Clouds Cove. They have ALL kinds of animals including deer, rams, a hog, a camel, a zebra, miniature horses, ducks, emus, ostriches (or something like), bulls (they had an albino bull which is VERY rare here in the U.S.), and a buffalo. At the entrance, you can buy "treats" to feed the animals. You are suppose to keep your windows half-way up because the animals will come right up to your window, especially when you are feeding them. Sawyer got in the front seat while I got in the back to feed Sutton. Let me just say that child has NO fear of animals. He loved them coming right up to the window. He was sticking his head out the window, which he was not suppose to do. He also petted the zebra, which he was not suppose to do. I kept telling him to get back and he said "mom, they not hurt you". That was probably about the coolest thing we could do with him at this point. He and dad LOVE animals, so they were in their, not so much, but I loved seeing Sawyer have fun. They also had a reptile exhibit with snakes, fish, turtles,alligators, etc. Also, they had African Tortoises which were huge. We got some lettuce to feed them, and Sawyer enjoyed that as well. Oh, they had monkeys too!! It really was a lot of fun.


  1. I took Kailey there when she was 1. She loved it then, I can only imagine how she would be now. I love the picture of him hanging out the window!

  2. you def. need to take her back.....sawyer had a blast!!