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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Update on School

Sawyer's school year is going GREAT so far! Each week, they are learning a letter in the alphabet. The week before last was "A". Most everything they did that week revolved around "A". They had show-and-tell one day and had to bring in something that started with the letter "A". Sawyer loves animals, so that was the obvious choice. At the end of the week, Sawyer was pointing out "A's" everywhere we went (signs, books, t-shirts)!!

I think we had one time-out that week for head-butting one of his buddy's (Dane) in music class. Ms. Jenica said she thought they were just playing, but regardless, he went to time-out (as he should have) and they were separated. Ms. Dawn said Sawyer and Dane have become big buddies and love to see who can break the crayon the fastest, who can karate chop the best, etc!! BOYS!!

Last week was "B". They had Tea-Party Tuesday where they had to bring a teddy bear and then on Thursday they had a bug hunt.

This week was "C". So, on Tuesday they had cap day...which of course he was representing the Crimson Tide!!

Along with the alphabet, they are counting, learning the days of the week and continuing to review colors and shapes.

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