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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A is for Alligator

Thursday (August 19), Matt left for an alligator hunt in Eufaula, AL. The way our days have been going around here, I was dreading him being gone but Thursday wasn't too bad. I think I had both the boys in the bed by 8:30. I had a relaxing night watching Project Runway.
That Friday was a fun but crazy day. We met Rachel (a friend of mine I used to work with) and her two kids, Claire and Nathan. She also invited a couple more moms and their kids. We met at Madison Square Mall and let the kids play in the play area and eat lunch. Sawyer had a great time. We got out of there without a major meltdown. I had to take something back to one of the stores and while I'm in there, Sutton gets hungry and Sawyer poops in his pull-up. So, off we go to the family station, where we spend about 30 minutes trying to get everyone's needs met. Then we had to make a stop at Sam's. This was only the second time I've gotten out with both the kids by myself for a long, length of time. It went good, just very tiring.

That night, we had a surprise anniversary dinner to attend, and then afterwards, made a stop at Mimi and Pops' house to get our prizes (as Sawyer says). Mimi and Pops have been on vacation the week before and were anxious to see their grandsons :) After we left Mimi and Pops', we decided to stay the night with Mom and Dad.
The next day, Mom, Courtney, Sara, Graysen, Sutton, Sawyer and myself all loaded up and went to Greenhills Mall in Nashville (main objective - Cheescake Factory)!! I finally got to try the Red Velvet is delicious!! Courtney and Sara got the Reese's Peanut Butter Cheescake. I tried it and it was good, just a too rich for me. We did some shopping and we were back home by 4:00pm. Mom and I watched "Date Night" and then off to bed!!
Sunday morning we were lazy (well, as lazy as you can be with 2 small kids). Sunday night was church and then Monday we headed back home.
As I said earlier, Matt had been gone all weekend on an alligator hunt. When I talked to him Monday morning, he gave me the good news that he was headed back home because he got his 'gator!! He got home late Monday evening. He had the alligator processed before he came home, but he kept the head (do we sound redneck yet?)!! Sawyer is obsessed with alligators (actually he's obsessed with ANY animal) so he thought it was "awesome" that his dad brought home an alligator head. He came running in the house "mom, it's awesome!!"!! He said "it has teeth like sawyer"! Matt is a huge believer in you eat what you kill. So, he found a recipe and Tuesday night, we ate alligator. It is white meat, so it taste similar to chicken, but I still prefer chicken.

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