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Thursday, August 5, 2010

This and That

Tuesday, we went back to the pool. Maycee and Sage were there, so they had a lot of fun playing together. Tuesday night, we had orientation at school and we found out Sawyer has Ms. Dawn!!! I'm so excited. She is just what Sawyer needs. She is stern, yet soooo loving. She said by the end of the year they will be writing their names. I know he's going to learn so much this year, which is so exciting!! He'll start the new school year on Tuesday. On a sad note, Ms. Debbie will not be back this year (music teacher). She was so great with ALL the kids and we'll miss her dearly!

Wednesday, Cayden came over to play!! They had so much fun, as you can see :) They are BEST buddies. They play really good together. They love to jump on the bed and wrestle, until dad comes in and tells them they can't jump anymore :( (that's why they are pouting in the picture).

Thursday, sawyer was suppose to be taking a nap and i hear a knock on his door..."mommy, i took off my clothes." I open the door and sure enough, he is standing there butt naked with his arms spread wide saying "TA-DA"!!!! Are all 3 yr. olds obsessed with taking off their clothes and underwear?!?! I hope this is normal.

Friday night we had a birthday dinner at mom's for my BIL's birthday, and Saturday, we were back at the pool!! Saturday evening, mom, aunt jane, sutton and me went to Bridgestreet for dessert at the Melting Pot and of course, had to do a little shopping.....HELLO, tax free weekend people!! Matt and I took Sawyer back to the pool on Sunday after church, because Matt hasn't seen Sawyer in the pool yet this summer. If I would have known he would have loved the water so much this summer, I probably would have put him in swimming lessons. Oh well, there is always next year :)

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