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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Seven Years

August 2 will be our 7 year anniversary!! We decided to celebrate it Friday night with dinner at Red Lobster (I seriously haven't eaten there in 3 years). It was good.....even though I'm not really a "seafood lover". Matt mentioned going there, and he LOVES seafood so I hated to say that it wasn't MY favorite.....give and take, right?!?! I was surprised how expensive it still was (or what I call expensive). Matt's meal was about $20.00. Anyways, we had a good, QUIET dinner, made a stop at Sam's for formula (while I was there I got the Shark Steam Mop/Vac that I've been wanting) and then made a stop at Gander Mountain. It's funny how after you have kids, the simpliest things become absolute luxuries. We didn't do anything "special", but we enjoyed each other's company and had good conversation without being interrupted!! I have to say, as much as I enjoyed the night minus kids, I was missing them by the time we were on the way home. Mom was nice enough to let them spend the night, so after we got home, we got a movie (Bounty Hunter).

Seven years.....WOW, how time has flown!! It feels like yesterday we stood before God, our family and friends in a little, country church and said our vows.....what a beautiful, special, perfect day it was!! Seven years and 2 kids later, I can honestly say that our love has grown deeper. Is our marriage perfect....of course not.....but I know, that no matter what, I have someone that "always has my back"! I know that Matt will teach our boys (by example) to be loyal, honest, hard-working, gritty, independent, loving husbands and fathers.

I feel so unworthy of the life the Lord has blessed me with, but I'm soooo THANKFUL!!

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