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Friday, July 23, 2010


So, yesterday we had Sawyer's 3 year old pictures and Sutton's 3 month pictures (although he's actually 4 months). I was dreading it, but all-in-all, it went well. We started out here at the house for Sutton's sitting. He and I had the "white gown pics" made in his nursery. This is what I done with Sawyer, so I wanted to do the same with Sutton. Sutton is wearing the same gown that Sawyer wore in his pictures, which I think is special (although, if both the boys are sentimental, I don't know which one will get the gown.....downfall of sharing special things). After Sutton's sitting, we headed to Rocky and Jody Childer's place to have Sawyer's pictures made. He did good, considering he is a "live wire". I bribed him with a prize, so that helped! He's at the age where he likes to "cheese", so we were having to tell him NOT to smile...LOL!!

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