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Thursday, July 29, 2010

BUSY Tuesday

Tuesday was "water day" at school, and it was also the last day of school before he starts back August 10. He also got to play with the dinosaurs at school, because he told me all about that when he got in the car. Also, his teacher informed me that he went to the potty ALL day with NO accidents....GO SAWYER!! Speaking of the potty, how in the world do you convince a 3 year old to go poo-poo on the potty?!?! We have tried rewarding, taking away, time-out, etc. I asked the doctor about it, and he basically said he'll do it when he's ready. I'm trying to be patient, but my patience is running thin!!

After school we went to McDonald's to play for a bit before the boys' 3:00 doctor appointment. Mom met me there to help, because "genius" me scheduled the boys' appointments at the same time....NEVER least not until they get a little older. If Mom wouldn't have been there, I would have lost my mind! One of us had a kid the whole time. The boys had check-ups and both had to get shots. When the nurse came in with her gloves on, Sawyer was telling her to go away....he knew what was coming. He had to get one shot in the arm. She barely got all the medicine in before Sawyer yanked the needle out of his arm and scratched his arm with the needle in the process....yeah, not good!! Both the boys checked out are their stats:

Sutton - 16.2 lbs - 75th percentile
24 1/4" - 35th percentile

Sawyer - 38lbs - 95th percentile
39" - 85th percentile

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