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Friday, July 16, 2010

Hyatt Reunion 2010

So, last weekend was the "big" Hyatt Reunion. It's something that the whole family looks forward to ALL year long. It starts on Saturday morning with the hog killing (Hyatt tradition). They smoke the pig on the pit ALL day and ALL night, and it is delicious. They also cook chickens which are wonderful too!! Saturday evening, we all get together and EAT, EAT, EAT!! Then Sunday, we go back to eat some more and just enjoy each other's company. On Sunday, they have the annual "family initiation" where anyone who was married into the family within the past year gets DUNKED into a water trough (clean i might add) full of ICE COLD water! I had the "pleasure" of being dunked about 6 years ago! I might also add that Matt literally threw out his back while trying to dunk someone.....they are serious about this people....REALLY serious......LOL!!
However, this weekend was a bit bitter-sweet. This reunion was the first one without PawPaw Garland. We lost PawPaw back in November of last year. He looked forward to the reunion every year and took pride in his family traditions. He would have wanted everything to go on as usual, so that's what we did (of course, not without remembering him the whole time). We have a picture of Matt, Rick, PawPaw and Sawyer at Sawyer's first Hyatt reunion where he was only 2 weeks old. That picture is truly priceless!

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