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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 4 of Potty Training

I have to say, the past 4 days have not been nearly as bad as what I thought they were going to be. Sawyer has done so good. He has really "gotten it". Yesterday, he had one accident in his underwear and so far today, he has had 1 1/2 accidents (he started going in his underwear but we made it to the potty in time to "finish up"). I am still putting diapers on him at bedtime/naptime; however, the past several mornings he has woken up with a dry diaper, and this morning, he woke me up and told me he needed to go potty. The first few days I feel like all I said was "sawyer, do you need to go potty", but since then, he is telling me when he needs to go, most of the time. All of these things are really encouraging to me and I hope within the next few weeks I can say he is FULLY potty trained (although, I am prepared for set-backs).
Sutton is doing great as well. He is still sleeping in his bed, ALL night!!
I'm so proud of you boys....keep up the good work!! By the way, here are a couple of pictures of Sutton, just because..... :)

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