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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fun at the Pool

Wednesday, I was having some rooms painted in the house, so Courtney and me decided to take Sawyer to our cousin's pool (Pops was nice enough to keep Sutton for me). Sara and Graysen met us there. Sawyer had such a great time. The past few times I have taken him, he really hasn't warmed up to the water much, but that was not the case on Wednesday. He wanted to jump in the water (he even went under water a few times). He was also wanting us to let go of him, and he wandered out in the water on his own (with arm floaties on of course). I was so proud of him. I'm going to try and take him back a few more times before summer is over since he is enjoying the water more. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but these are a couple of pictures from the first time we went to the pool this summer (Sawyer would not look at the camera...typical).

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