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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Boys will be boys!!

Today was Sawyer's end-of-the year picnic at school. He had a ton of fun, as you will see!! Sawyer came to me and said "mom, i want to take my shoes off and play in the dirt". of course, being the mom I am, i say "no"!! well, you see that done a lot of! the next thing i know he is taking his shoes and getting in the dirt! i'm learning what it means to raise boys...lots of dirt and bugs and boogers and bunch of other gross stuff, but i have to admit, i'm loving it! i never pictured myself w/ all boys. i always thought i would have a prissy little girl like myself (i think God has a sense of humor) but i have 2 precious little boys that i wouldn't trade for the world!

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