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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second time around

Well, this is my 2nd time around at this blogging thing. I started a blog several months ago but failed to keep up with it. I'm gonna try again, although now i've added another child to the mix, so we'll see how it goes. I'll start by saying that i'm the proud mother of two beautiful boys! Sawyer will be 3 in June and Sutton was born March 26. I have to say, the bringing a second child home is definetly easier than the first, however, it is a lot more tiring! Sawyer had his end-of-the-year program today at school. He was hilarious, as usual! He knew we wanted him to look at us, and of course, he kept his head away from us a lot of the time and the times that we could see his face he kept his eyes rolled! If you know Sawyer, you know he can give some "looks". I'm so sad to see a close to this school year. It has been a wonderful year for sawyer. He has grown from a baby to a little boy. The teachers at his school have been wonderful. They had a slide show before the program started w/ pics throughout the year. the slide show was put to songs like "you're gonna miss this", "in my daugther's eyes", "butterfly kisses", etc......all the songs that make you want to cry when you think about your baby growing up!! of course, i want them to grow up and do all the things they are suppose to do but i know one day they won't "need" me. i guess that is all mother's fears, along w/ many others!!

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